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Selfie attendance feature helps your field employees to remotely start their day from the field itself ,which saves hours of travel time to office just to mark their attendance.



It enhances the productivity of the field force as tasks can be created & assigned remotely You can also monitor the progress in real time &



Field force tracking feature helps you in staying connected with the field force round the clock. You can monitor your field employee's location while he is on job.

Solution Overview

Sales Bees Service is about collaboration, performance and efficiency of the work force in the fields. The service enables business owners to have real time connectivity with his sales team, irrespective of his own or team's location. It deals with tackling the scarecity of time and beating the sales timeline.

With this solution, business owner can locate the field employee on the google maps and take decisions at run time to ensure the timely execution of the tasks. It also helps business owners in keeping the track of the tasks, attendance and any priority communication.


How It Works


To begin the day, Bee ( employee ) signs in the mobile app with a single click. It opens up the camera in selfie mode to allow the employee to take a seflie. This notifies you about the presence of the employee along with its picture, location and time.


Once Bee ( employee ) signs in for the day, the first thing you do for him is to create the Tasks ( tasks ) and define the timelines as per the priority of the Tasks. These Tasks are published to each Bee ( Employee ) in their mobile app in real time. Employee can then open their Tasks and start the work. You will get the instant updates on the status and location, which helps you to optimize the tasks planning and execution.


Field force tracking is a key feature to bring the descipline in the employees who spend most of their time in the fields. As soon as, user signs in for the day, mobile app keeps track of the employee until he sign-out for the day. You can get their latest location on the website. Not only this, you can view the complete trace of the current day and past days to validate the Tasks completion timelines.

What are customers say about us


Sanjeev Chawla
Money Worx

Investors Gurukul's SBS solution has really helped our business in big way by improving the team work. My team is much more desciplined and I don't have to follow up for their tasks completion. Wishing all the very best to Investrors Gurukul Team.

Shikhar Dubey
Prelime Solutions

Investors Gurukul's field force management solution is not only cost effective, but also very easy to us. I feel connected with my team round the clock. This gives me immesnse leverage to utilize my time with my big clients to build my business.

Tania Mahendru
Investors Gurukul

I am really impressed with the overall solution which our IT team has built to help businesses with mobile work force. Its extereme simplicity and quick onboaring are my favorite picks from the solution.

Any Questions ?


Sales Bees Service is field force management solution. The service enables business owners to have real time connectivity with your sales team, irrespective of your own or team's location.
You can simply create your account by clicking on the Create Account button or call us at our contact numbers or simply drop a mail at our helpdesk to help you in creating your account. Filling the form will automatically register you for SBS service.
You can start tracking your employees, as soon as your account is activated. Account activation takes few minutes and is based on email verifications. Here are four simple steps:
  • Create Account free of cost
  • Activate your account by clicking on activation link received in your email
  • Add your employees ( Bees ) from your dashboard
  • Download android app from our website on your employees mobiles
Yes. You can easible enable or disable client tracking by simply changing the Bee Settings.
Yes. You can set the frequecy of capturing the location of the Bee ( employee ) by changing the Bee Settings. Default setting for capturing the location is 5 mins. To keep the balanced consumptions of the mobile battery, the frequency is kept at 5 mins. If you increase the frequency, the battery consumption will be higher. So you need to be very carefully while changing the value to less than 5 mins.
Credits consumption is based on the plan you have taken. There are various trigger points for the credit consumptions
  • Location based consumption plan
  • SMS based consumption plan
  • Tasks based consumption plan
  • Uploading Images with tasks
  • Selfie Attedance with Image
Please check out our plans at page to get more details
Every plan specifies the validity of the units purchased any particular point of time.
There is no limit on the number of employees you can add.
Most of the communication in our system is using GPRS i.e. using internet. In case the mobile data is not ON or there is not network in the region, SMS service will be used to ensure the delivery of the message.

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