App Features

Mobile app is counter part of the web application, which helps in collecting information from the fields at real time. SBS Mobile app is for the field boys and can run on both Android and iOS( coming soon) mobile operating systems.

Easy to Use

The mobile app is quite simple to use. It does not require any specific learning for the field boys

Real Time Location

It gives real time location of the field boys, which empowers business owner to take quick decisions for any change in Tasks

Supported Platforms

The app supports both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Ensures discipline

Tracking and Monitoring via mobile app helps in bringing the discipline among the field boys, as they always feel connected with his supervisor

Easy to Configure

Mobile app can be easily configured as per the need like if we want selfie attendance, continous tracking or Task based tracking etc

Remote Punch-in / Punch-out

With selfie attendance, employee can start his day from anywhere. So no need to travel to office, just to mark his attendance

Easy to Install

Adding Bee will send an SMS with installation link to a field boy to install the app anytime from anywhere

Easy to Use

Once installed, it is easy to mark attendnace, check his tasks, send task updates to admin and apply leaves

Easy to Configure

App can be easily configured by the admin on the fly from anywhere to collaborate in much more effective way

Easy to Upgrade

Automatic upgrades help field boys to get the new features on the newer version of mobile app at real time

Any Questions ?


Sales Bees Service is field force management solution. The service enables business owners to have real time connectivity with your sales team, irrespective of your own or team's location.
You can simply create your account by clicking on the Create Account button or call us at our contact numbers or simply drop a mail at our helpdesk to help you in creating your account. Filling the form will automatically register you for SBS service. Registering will give you 100 Credits as a bonus to immediately start using the service.
You can start tracking your employees, as soon as your account is activated. Account activation takes few minutes and is based on email verifications. Here are four simple steps:
  • Create Account free of cost
  • Activate your account by clicking on activation link received in your email
  • Add your employees ( Bees ) from your dashboard
  • Download android app from our website on your employees mobiles
Yes. You can easible enable or disable client tracking by simply changing the Bee Settings.
Yes. You can set the frequecy of capturing the location of the Bee ( employee ) by changing the Bee Settings. Default setting for capturing the location is 5 mins. To keep the balanced consumptions of the mobile battery, the frequency is kept at 5 mins. If you increase the frequency, the battery consumption will be higher. So you need to be very carefully while changing the value to less than 5 mins.
Credits consumption is based on the plan you have taken. There are various trigger points for the credit consumptions
  • Location based consumption plan
  • SMS based consumption plan
  • Tasks based consumption plan
  • Uploading Images with tasks
  • Selfie Attedance with Image
Please check out our plans at page to get more details
Every plan specifies the validity of the units purchased any particular point of time.
There is no limit on the number of bees you can add.
Most of the communication in our system is using GPRS i.e. using internet. In case the mobile data is not ON or there is not network in the region, SMS service will be used to ensure the delivery of the message.

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